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Doğum kontrolü
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Tarih: 21 Temmuz 2016
Doğum kontrolü
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Doğum kontrolü


Makes sure you never forget your contraception again.Birth Control Reminder supports contraceptive pill, ring and patch. It will notify you when you have to take or replace your medication.It reminds you to use your contraception at the desired time every day, automatically preset to pause reminder on your break days and to reschedule when the next pack starts. You can use it to manage your schedule by navigating through the calendar - this way you can easily tell when your period starts and plan your trips and arrangements accordingly. Birth Control Reminder keeps track of your period and enables you to plan your vacation. Our app makes it easy to avoid unpleasant surprises.Birth Control Reminder has a snooze function that will show you notifications in specific time intervals making it nearly impossible to ignore or forget about.We're giving you all application features for free:- Daily pill reminder, automatically preset to pause on break days and during your period. - Snooze option will keep reminding until you've taken your pill.- You can choose the notification sound and notification icon and set snooze interval.- Application badge number will show you how many days are left until your next period.- Pin protected to maintain your privacy if someone nosy gets hold of your phone- Monthly view calendar with marked contraception active days and break days.- You can change pack start date at any given time.- Number of pills per pack and number of break days are customisable. - Configurable daily reminder time and on/off switch.- Custom alert message - to avoid embarrassment when your friends are present.

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